saudi aramco vendor list

saudi aramco vendor list

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The Saudi Aramco Supplier Help Desk is a one-stop shop to handle all suppliers' inquires and issues. Service providers (contractors) and material providers can call the Supplier Help Desk (tel: +966 13 ) or email [email protected] during regular

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point: < - 4 f,container must be properly labeled with, vendor's name, manufacturer's name, location, production date and batch number. saudi aramco will carry out proper sampling and testing as needed. product manufacturer and or supplier required to submit …

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May 20, 2016· Aramco approved vendor list 2015 1. Material Sourcing List Region 1: Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries 1 Item Category Material Description Material Long Description Material Number 9COM/9CAT 1 Chemicals (Drilling Fluids) POLYVINYL/POLYACRYLIC COMPOUNDS TO 400F ADMIXTURE: DRILLING MUD; 25 KG PAPER SACKS; SHIPMENT OF PRODUCT SHALL CONFORM TO SAUDI ARAMCO …

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Registration as a supplier with Saudi Aramco does not guarantee any business with the company. To bid to be a supplier of goods to Saudi Aramco, suppliers must first be registered in Saudi Aramco's systems and suppliers' users must have individual usernames and passwords.

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For general enquiries or concerns, please contact the Saudi Aramco Supplier Help Desk at: Supplier Relationship Management Division Saudi Arabian Oil Company Building, 3301, North Park 2, Wing B Dhahran 31311, Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 11 297 8950 EMAIL WEBSITE

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We help you to Register your Company or establishment with Aramco, Sabic, Saudi Electricity. Mail us at [email protected] for more details

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Become a supplier. We work with manufacturers in the Americas to source high-quality materials for Saudi Aramco. We develop strong, long-term partnerships that further the reach of our parent company as it continues to grow its global operations, business lines and projects. LEARN MORE

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Aramco to bring Google Cloud Services to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aramco Development Company, a subsidiary of Aramco, today announced it had teamed up with Google Cloud to offer high-performance, low-latency cloud services to customers in Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Arabia's state oil company, Saudi Aramco, is reckoned to be the world's most valuable company with an estimated value of $2 trillion. At 261 billion barrels, Saudi Aramco's stated hydrocarbon reserves are more than ten times those of ExxonMobil, the largest private oil company.

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72 · Saudi Arabian Development Co Ltd Fluor Building, Suite 602 PO Box 20598, Al-Khobar 31952 …

Saudi Aramco Approved Vendors List

The Supplier Portal is the main electronic business tool used between Saudi Aramco and its suppliers and serves to improve the flow and accuracy of key supply chain information. Note, if you forget your password to Supplier Portal, please contact Saudi Aramco supplier portal team at +966 (13) 877 0135. To access the supplier portal please login ...

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Vendor Shop Audit (if necessary) Rating and Ranking of the Vendor by Company; Adding to the Approved Vendor List if vendor achieved minimum Score; If a vendor is added to the approved vendor list, after the first inquiry, they will be invited for participation. The following links provide you with the list of approved vendors in each category.

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*Note: The supplier prequalification process can only be initiated for suppliers that manufacture items from the sourcing list above. To begin the process of working with us or registering new products for existing suppliers, please contact: Aramco Far East (Beijing) Business Services Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch No. 16T60, 16F – SWFC

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Saudi Aramco, Dhahran. 3 References The following is a summary of the Saudi Aramco documents and industrial standards that have been mentioned within this standard: 3.1 Saudi Aramco References Saudi Aramco Engineering Procedure SAEP-133 Instructions for the Development of a "Regulated Vendors List" Engineering Standard

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Dec 29, 2019· Saudi Aramco, Alibaba and Uber topped the list for the biggest initial public offerings of 2019. The $2 trillion Saudi Aramco IPO set a record for largest share offering.

Aramco approved vendor list 2015 - SlideShare

Our parent company & affiliates Saudi Aramco's contributions across the value chain help develop a vibrant energy sector while creating stability and opportunity across the globe. Read More Our history Aramco Americas has called Houston home since 1974, but our history reaches even farther back and includes some of the biggest names in oil.


Important Message. Dear Supplier: With respect to awareness and training for Saudi Aramco's In-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) Program, please be advised that there are no Saudi Aramco approved or endorsed IKTVA training providers either inside or outside the Kingdom.

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All companies supplying goods and services for Saudi Aramco are required to be registered. There are different registration and qualification processes depending on a number of factors such as the company's location and type of supplier (material vendor, manufacturer or service provider).


Our Contracting Department in Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, is responsible for developing General Bid Slates—an approved list of pre-qualified suppliers—for various services required by Saudi Aramco. It sources, qualifies and places contractors on these General Bid Slates for consideration in future contracting programs.

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Latest 9COM Regulated Vendors List - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. 9com vendor list. 9com vendor list. Search Search. Close suggestions. ... Saudi Aramco Approved Local Manufacturers List. List of Vendors. Procurement Plan. Pdo Approved Vendor List. Aramco Quick Standard Guide. Region 8 ...

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We are very proud to officially notify you of Saudi Aramco's decision to add Airpack Nederland B.V. to their list of approved vendors (9COM), for the category "Membrane type nitrogen generators". The official details are as follows: Vendor ID: . Plant ID: